Tuesday, August 29, 2006

[Day 13 14 15 16] Leh - Sarchu - Manali - Delhi

Trip Log at http://jayansr.blogspot.com/2006/08/himalayan-motorcycle-expedition-2006.html
This was our return trip back to Delhi, i.e. we covered around 250kmts in a day average. but that 250kmts on the mountains take easily 8 to 9hrs of riding. First day we rode from Leh to Sarchu, ended up riding at night to Baralacha La. because of excess photo stops.

Sarchu is in Himachal Pradesh, but looks more like Ladhaki landscape, very windy at night and cold.

Bye Bye Leh! (but where is the zen?.. maybe next year I will find it :-) )

Near Sarchu

Next day ride was Sarchu Manali, The roads were worse in this part becuase of the recent rains in Himachal. That was a back breaking ride, Sojish had a small toss from the bike, nothing serious just a small on on the bad road.

Gatta loops!

More Plains all washed away

Reaching manali at 6pm and checked in Hotel Beas. me being a regular visitor we were give a good double room on a discounted rate :-) We could have spent a day in manali, but somehow we did not and decide to ride to Chandigarh the next day. That ride is a long one with around 250kmts of mountains and then 100kmts of plains, We could start only by around 12.00 pm because of some wiring problems with GK's bike. Reached Chandigarh by 11:30pm..

Green Manali
Day 16 was the last day of our trip, I was sad :-( I woke up early morning at around 6am and I left the hotel to meet some of my old buddies in Chd. GK and Sojish were still sleeping. I was back to hotel by 8 am and they were still sleeping. I decided to ride and reach Delhi before the afternoon heat. Reached Delhi by 12:00 Went to my friend's house at Karwaria Saria. chit chat there and took rest. GK and Sojish reached Delhi by around 6pm.

Day 17 was also part of the trip but not ride.. We rode to Okhla to ship our bikes to Bangalore. That was easier that we imagined and got the things done by 12.00pm. We were back in the Hotel slept off and next morning took a flight to Bangalore.....

BTW I got my bike in Bangalore yesterday, I took it to the service station directly to get it washed and fix the loose nuts :-)

Bike's condition after the Ride: Great... :-) engine is as crisp as when I started the ride.
During Ride : NONE
Transportation : broke the Tail Lamp and one indicator
Puncture: 2 times rear, one nail and another a screw.
Things TODO
Change Chain/Sprocket
Change Indicator and Tail Lamp.
Change Oil
Change Rear Brake Shoe.

Trip log at jayansr.blogspot.com

Some more pics at jsrleh2006.fotopic.net


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